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My Childhood Sashas

This page is dedicated to my childhood Sasha dolls. I got them in the mid- to late sixties and loved them dearly for many years, until I went away to college and my parents stored them away. Then in 2001 my sister gave me a copy of Dorisanne Osborn's book, Sasha Dolls Through The Years, and it rekindled my love for Sashas. I pulled my dolls out of their tubes where they'd been for 20 years and sent them away to Susanna Lewis to have them cleaned and restrung.

They actually were in excellent shape, considering they'd been heavily played with and then stored for years. Luckily, my parents stored them in a cool dry spot (the back of my bedroom closet). They sustained no damage, mustiness, or falling hair. After they got back from Susanna, they are as beautiful as they ever were!


This is Maria, my first Sasha doll. She is a 1966 Goetz brunette. No falling hair (although she did lose some hair from a six-year-old's rough combing). Susanna did a wonderful job rerooting her hair and resolving my 30-year-long guilt at not having treated her right!

Her original clothes have been lost, but I was lucky enough to find an early Gotz pink striped dress that looks similar to her original short-sleeved pink dress.

Here are more photos of Maria:



I got Lina in 1967. She is a Goetz blonde from that year. She originally came in the brown cord dress with the white waffle pique apron and white leather centersnap shoes. I was very fortunate to come across an early Goetz outfit from 1967 that is identical to the one Lina originally wore. Now, thanks to Susanna's care and a little luck, Lina looks quite a bit like I remember when I took her out of her orange and white Creative Playthings box on Christmas morning, 1967...

Here is a close-up of her face that I like:

More photos of Lina:



Laura is an English Sasha Kilt from 1969. By this time, I was getting older and more careful with my Sashas! Laura has all of her original outfit except her socks. Susanna Lewis retied her hair into two ponytails as it was when she first came out of her tube.

More photos of Laura:

I also have Laura's crayon tube. The cardboard top of the tube says, "Frido Ltd. Made in England 4-109 Sasha Kilt".

I even have the original receipt from Clark's Gift Cottage in West Lafayette, Indiana, from when my mom bought her for $16.95 and a ballet outfit for $6.50. Notice that sales tax in Indiana in 1969 was only 2%!



Lita is Laura's twin sister, a Frido Sasha Kilt from 1969. Actually, she is her triplet sister! (The other triplet, Linda, I gave to my sister when I went to college.) Lita was lost for some time, but one day I discovered her in the back of a closet. She still had her large gold wrist tag. I had found her original white sweater and red tartan underwear earlier. Her skirt, shoes and socks come from a later (70s?) Kilt outfit. The skirt looks very close, if not identical, to her original skirt. The brown lace-up shoes don't have heels, but they still look pretty good on her.

Another photo of Lita:

I have Lita's crayon tube as well, although it's missing its cardboard top.

Laura and Lita reunited at last...

Last Updated: 20 Dec 2002